Fight In Words

by Tame.. Tame and Quiet

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released May 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Tame.. Tame and Quiet Arlington, Texas

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Track Name: Ship Has Sailed
In response to your open letter
I don't see it's your business anyway
But if I thought I could make it all better
With a quick fix to a busted lip
I'd sure size up what suits you
And wear it out
Can't guarantee the quality
Given the head count

Times will come, times will go
Time will tell you things you don't want to know
It's all for the best
If you don't check your wrist

Ship has sailed, but I was not up on it
Cry cry cry
Ship has sailed, but I was not up on it
Wah wah wah
Ship has sailed but I was not up on it

For every big fish with a bum flipper
There's a small fish, sucking scum off it's back
And out there's a big, black, open ocean
Filled with the things we lack
Knock-kneed and catching currents
No need to plan out where to go
Maybe snared in nets
Maybe we get tossed back

Times will come, time will go
Time will tell you things you don't wanna know
It's all for the best
If we don't wax idyllic

Ship has sailed....etc.
Track Name: Don't Feed The Bears
Requiem from Arlington
All the rest have relocated or stayin in
The house is quiet and I've seen far too much TV
Don't want a call or invite
I just wanna step out and sit alone most nights
Some say smalltalk's a pleasure
But big talk is that and rarely erudite
Not sure what I'm expecting

One guy's God talk, regurgitated disbelief
Two gays gossip co-worker sexuality
Three girls creaming over a Pitchfork CD
The whole room screaming about foreign policy

Don't feed the bears X4
Track Name: It's All Me
With eyes turned down, I shuffle my feet
Cutting a rug that nobody can see but me
I feel it, I feel it
And eyes meet a man I can believe in
Who says it's all me
I hear him, I hear him
But I still wanna hit him
With the fool rushed out, a lock and a click
Hair gets a slick and a fine place to sit

Never noticed how the tiles meet
Or how the wood stain's like a cloud shape
And I know who this blurb is about
And I know he doesn't swing that way
Tear a triple-panel comic strip
Check a hand to see I'm accurate
Tug and knock from the other side
Can't you see I'm occupied, it's all me.

The ad space has sold me
And nothing can hold me down
If only I could leave
And not meet my public unclean
But damn the technology
The ad space has told me....
Track Name: The Kinds
The kinds I could never talk to
The kinds I could never vent through
The kinds like ones suspended in time
The walls I could never walk through
The false I could never make the truth
High-stepping the last of the landmines
And maybe if we bind your time to mine
We'll be close again
We'll be close as skin
We'll be close as kin

You think it's all about science fiction
I think it's coming to pass
You think it's all a bunch of science fiction
I see it coming to pass

Remember images of oil addiction
I'm still sniffin for gas
I wanna pocket your predilection
I jam iconoclast

Cause you're the kinds I could never talk to...
Track Name: National Sunday Law
Pass me the bread
This is no bread at all
So pass me the salt
To season up this false body
To season this false body

Pass me the wine
This is no wine at all
So pass me the ferment
To spice up this blood
To spice up this blood

Pass me the plate
This is no plate I'd partake of
Your tithing's a write off
My god has no bank account
My god he has no bank account

I'm here cause it's Easter
And who don't love bunnies and baskets, fake plastic grass
And the thrill of the hunt
And, oh yeah, resurrection tales
We're saved!

I'm here cause it's Christmas
And who don't love presents, and Santa, fake snow
And hopes that you get what you want
And, oh yeah, the birth of a savior!

I'm here for the funeral
And who don't love you
With last words so truthful and simple
Mumbling, that it's all child's play
It's all child's play

I'm here for my funeral
And I don't love hubbub or blubbering
If this is my parlor
You best blast my songs out loud
Because I loved child's play
I love child's play

I'm here for my funeral
And I don't love hubbub or blubbering
If this is my parlor
You best blast my songs out loud
Cause I rested on Sundays
I rested on Sundays
Track Name: Dream Of Kings
A dream of kings who dream of things
To wrap their tiny hands around
In a life, everyone's guarding some respect
That I suspect most don't see
It's a wonder that so many kings (if we are all kings)
Rule our existence with a steely fist
We build our fortresses sound
And our surrounding alligator pits so deep

Tired of chasing thoughts
Bogged down by meaningful living
Afraid we don't die anymore
We die to the world
The world notes our epitaphs
But we were never there
We all go on dreaming
The most vivid dreams
The one that's not worth waking from
Track Name: With A Finger
I'm entitled this pedestrian path
Whichever way I can make it run
Be it set in a shadow patch
Or inches from your engine's hum

I missed you shouting at the window
Striding steady, counting broken backs

And every man is an islander
Each moment, a binary blip
Each kink of the cast'll bring
That mess of plaster that much closer to bone

Scrolling bedsheets from the window
When you're scaling the crest of a wall

And how is it the best time of day
Is the worst to be aware you're awake
Silently watching joggers pass
And a retired man saturating his grass

I'm breathing heavy on the window
Writing backwards with a finger
Track Name: Thousandaire
I have a satchel full of unmarked vials
Drawn smiles and bikes built for two
And a web I wove anticipating you
Been collecting dirty looks that I intend to use

You my muse, you and you
I'm used to me amused
But through and through
I'm through, I'm through

Encapsulate your grace and gel-coat for taste
Let's consider the winner circle's center
Trash in all the treasure
Somewhere the infinite gets measured
And if I stooped for every penny I'd be a thousandaire

Still singing for my supper
But it's a sucker that vies for scraps
Scraping making a case for dust

Two weeks to take down a habit
I beat the demographic, so nothing appeals to me.

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